Hospitals and Institutions

As Narcotics Anonymous grows in a community, meetings and groups in the area may want to carry the message of recovery. In isolated or developing NA communities, often due to a meeting’s geographical location, or due the limited development of an NA service system, formation of and participation in an ASC with an H&I subcommittee is not yet possible or practical. Once an H&I meeting/presentation is started, the news can spread very quickly. Facilities hear about our H&I efforts and seek out local members, often requesting an H&I meeting or information about NA meetings. Usually, these original members in an area are very committed and try to say “yes” to all requests, so new H&I meetings are started. At this point, it may be helpful to inventory both the human and financial resources available in order to prioritize meetings and/or facilities that can be served effectively. H&I needs committed members, but literature and transportation costs should also be considered.

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